Epistle to the Philistines

Politicians blowing fascist dog whistles,
outright speeches to separateness,
suppressing public missals
gerrymandering seeding distress,
attempting to install permanent minority rule,
new Society of Thule installing yes men
and compromised in-divid-uals
lacking in moral scruples.

White House crumbling down,

Border militarization turning heads by design
as judges appointed to district distraction,
state and federal lines,
long tenures sealing Justice’s gate f’r a long time.

Selling the judiciary for pennies on the unholy dollar,
forming polyamories betwixt business and the state,
enshrining corporate welfare as a new God controller,
mining minorities to create police states
out of paranoid fantasies of “Other.”

Seeding fear in the populations
on behalf of arms industry corporations,
grinning eerily and old Smith and Wesson,
Haliburton, Boeing, Raytheon, Armalite
new names for new gods of new wars,
raised by human sacrifice to eat life
and generate profit
through murdering the poor.

Placing poisons into pipelines
with rusted seams purposefully laid
to leak to streams, foster dependency
on bottled water, poisoning the well
to enslave the village as in times of old,
now again mad for gold.

Blackening the sky with chemical lies
to break our relation to sun,
the source of all life, medicine for the sick;
commodified by cloud-makers who breathe slick
through high-tech masks touting safety.

Carrying patriarchal paranoias of post-Ice-Age scarcities,
scared cities arming themselves against the freeze,
phantom delusional minds infected with avarice,
acquisition and fear.

Endless war justifying false economies,
imageries spin myths of progress
and wealth
and freedom
while children spin fabric into clothing for children
and CEOs tread the yellow road paved
with little finger bones;
they cry, taking the best cut of meat alone,
deifying waste and consumption,
painting addiction as fashion,
they sing the chorus in unison,
“Accrue, accrue, to the wealthy few,
All for me and none for you!”
in slamming crypt and coffin tones.

“You… will not replace us!”,
they chant brandishing Aryan fire and propaganda,
unaware that they’ve already been replaced,
used, manipulated, not by Black or Jew but by
board-room and TV tube,
led into hysterics by a moneyed elite pulling strings
out the windows of white houses
and penthouses
and country clubs
and conference halls
and valleys made of silicon,
led into the slaughterhouse isolation
made fuel for the nation,
while a declaration of independence
from the people
finds station
in the cult of invisible hands.

Using media to divide us into camps,
applying the match of blame to set
the conflict in motion,
simplifying beyond reason,
creating maddening illusions,
manufacturing fear,
isolating us from each other,
behaving like the wolf.

Conjuring shadows on the wall,
monopolizing the light.
Lying through omission.
Worshiping authority on its on terms,
fetishizing the expert,
conditioned academics thinking in circles
painting greed as concern,
war as progress,
murder as collateral damage;
attributing kind intent to assassins,
installing fascists in Brazil.

Stealing funds from indigenous brothers and sisters,
using them to shore up modern colonialisms,
ill institutions of exploitation,
engineering desperation through privatization.
Closing the shelters and spiking the streets,
artificially inflating the cost of housing,
driving the homeless out under the spotlights
and arresting them for vagrancy,
herding people,
anticipating the movement through
satanic analytics
conjuring ghosts into the machine.

Tricking us into roles,
into false images of
into false identities disempowering humanity
obscuring our unity with lies of prosperity,
insulting our intelligence with fake ideologies,
on purpose laid to make the taker mad.
Shaking spears at diversity,
propagating mono-cultural mythologies,
propaganda for patriarchies,
excuses for hierarchies
built on the bones of “lesser men.”

Pretending to apologize for genocide
while they militarize the police
to steal another generation,
erasing memories for the colonization of human spirits,
mining us for our energy to fuel the death machine,
which billows smoke and sputters oil into delicate Tarkine
and old growth dreams deep in the forests.

Creating pulpits for a faith of hate, worshiping profits,
using innocent blood to grease society’s wheel.
Sacrifice alive and well in the Empires of Democracy,
handing tax millions to polluters choking ocean seas.
CIA funding cartels destroying Latin American democracies,
paying for Bolsonaro, signing off on ethnic cleansing
of the Amazon,
raping our mother for an illusion of control.

Creating unfairness,
leading us into despair
lest we organise and
realize lies are best dispensed with,
not idolized.

Claiming clean coal, installing water filters,
preaching one nation, living in gated communities,
creating enemies out of fear and nothing,
yearning for a time that never was,
construing nostalgias for sexism, bigotry and hatred,
erasing the past with stories about “traditional family values”,
forgetting genocide using phrases like “reverse racism”,
fearing strong women and strong men,
filling prisons with truthtellers,
beating the poor, blaming them for their bruises,
using forked tongues speaking in double,
manufacturing consent,
lighting fires on sacred ground
to make smokescreens to hide behind,
calling themselves allies while painting tribes corrupt,
looking to steal children for their racist war machine
these fallen angels of Murderous Gods
crucifying saviors on national flags,
worshiping rags they desecrate our flesh,
looking around for a scapegoat,
forgetting the boats which brought them here,
forgetting imperial lies adopting patriotism,
forgetting Jim Jones and drinking Christian kool-aid,
forgetting self, forgetting relations,
forgetting their purpose here on earth.

They can vilify us, but we will turn off the televisions and throw away their newspapers and speak to each other instead, and we will keep coming.

They can arrest us, try to shut us up, to silence us. Eventually their prisons will overflow, and we will keep coming.

They can brutalize us, but our brothers and sisters will take our places on the frontlines, and we will keep coming.

They can murder us, but with every mother, every father and every child they kill; they galvanize a family, and we will keep coming.

We are the people, and we are power. We will not stop.
We will keep coming, out of the forests and out of the houses,
until we are filling the streets and the halls of their parliaments
and their boardrooms and their congresses, and we will keep coming.

This is our home. We can survive here. We will not let them break our spirit. We are natural energy, we are power.

Remember who you are, children of Earth.
Remember where you are,
Remember when you are.
Remember why you are here.

Remember the people,
for we are coming.


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